About The Colorado Farm & Food Alliance

The Colorado Farm & Food Alliance networks family farms, winemakers, brewers, food producers, chefs, and restaurateurs to cultivate and strengthen the local food movement, support sustainable rural communities, and provide a platform for effective climate and conservation advocacy.

Our Story

Colorado farms and agricultural heritage, home-grown food, award-winning wines, and our famous craft beer industry all rely on a stable climate, clean water, and on the products that come from our healthy land. Our partners and the economic activity they support depend on addressing climate change, maintaining strong and resilient farms, and making sure that our farms and food systems, people and the environment, take priority in planning for energy development. 

The Colorado Farm & Food Alliance grew from the grassroots efforts of western Colorado agricultural operators, ranchers, food producers, and community members who organized in opposition to a series of ill-advised oil and gas lease sales in the North Fork Valley. Since then we have broadened our work to strengthening the local food movement, building sustainable food systems, and advocating for climate action, as well continuing our work to protect Colorado lands and water from oil and gas development. 

The Colorado Farm & Food Alliance welcomes participation from a range of organizations, individuals, and businesses on our various projects. Please contact us here to get involved.

Our Programs & Activities